Complete Guide To Easily Growing Citrus Trees Indoors… – Eco Snippets

Complete Guide To Easily Growing Citrus Trees Indoors…

Complete Guide To Easily Growing Citrus Trees Indoors...

Growing citrus indoors is easy! In this growing guide we will talk about how to grow citrus from start to finish! This growing guide is simple, easy to follow, and will have you growing your very own oranges, lemons, and limes right from home!

We will talk about how to fertilize your citrus, how much water they need, when you need to water, the pH citrus trees like, re-potting your citrus, what size pot is good, if you can grow from a seed, sunlight requirements, temperature requirements, and some troubleshooting tips like preventing leaf drop, yellowing of leaves, and root rot.

Note: ALL Citrus varieties apply to this growing guide – Lemons, limes, citrons, oranges, kumquats, tangerines, etc. Check it out below…

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I have a similar looking indoor/outdoor Orange tree ?


In door ?!.. what door while most nyc share even rooms coz rent & every thing is so expensive ?!


we are loosing our trees in florida how are you growi g inside


they look soooo good Can i get some

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