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Dutch Bucket Hydroponics – How It Works & How To Make Your Own Buckets…

Dutch Bucket Hydroponics – How It Works & How To Make Your Own Buckets...

Hydroponic Dutch bucket systems (Bato bucket systems) are perhaps the simplest hydroponic (and sometimes aquaponic, although aquaponics is more difficult) system to build, and a favorite of growers the world over.

A variation of media bed techniques, Dutch buckets break the media bed system down into smaller components (the buckets). This approach offers several benefits. Each bucket can be set up separately, allowing growers to space out larger crops (like tomatoes or eggplants) without wasting media. Separate buckets can also be useful in pest management as well, since an infected bucket can be removed from the system without having to sacrifice an entire bed.

In the video below you’ll see how one gardener has been building his new Dutch Bucket hydroponic system when he finally has everything completed and functioning quite well. He explains the lessons that he learned from his previous setup, along with changes made for this new setup. He also shares how easy it is to make your own dutch (bato) buckets.

This is a very simple recirculating hydroponics system that works great for fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. It can be set up inside a greenhouse, in your backyard, or on your porch. For the nutrient mix, he use’s Masterblend 4-18-38, mixed to the manufacturers specifications. Check it out below..

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