If you ever find yourself around a specific plant that you would like to identify and learn something about it, or you have extensive knowledge about some species that you would like to share with others, then PlantNet app is the right thing for you. The PlantNet app is available for iPhone and Android devices and you can say that it’s the Shazam for plants. It’s an amazing invention of today’s technology.

How does the app work?

This app was developed by scientists from four French research organizations including IRA, Cirad, Inria/IRD and the Tela Botanica Network. The app works by collecting data from a large social network which uploads pictures and information about certain plants.

The app consists of visualization software which recognizes a lot of plant species if they have been illustrated well enough in the botanical reference base. At the moment, PlantNet works on more than 4,100 species of wild flora of the French territory, and the species list is provided through the application. The number of images and species included grows each day thanks to its users’ contribution.

Although only small percentage of plant species can be identified by now, the more participants who get involved the more diverse this application will become. So, if you are interested into finding more about certain species of plants or you have some specific knowledge about certain species that you would like to share with others, join this app today and start contributing immediately.

Why is this app so valuable? 

Although at the moment there isn’t a lot of information about edibles, this app gives you enough information about collecting and identifying plants in  nature. It tells you which can be dangerous for you and which aren’t. If someone is a nature lover this app can be very helpful in the selection of the right plants to collect or plant around the house.

When an edible database will be provided it will be very helpful to people who want to pick wild plants. Not only are wild sources of plants and herbs cleaner and free of pesticides, but they are also fresher and more nutritious.

The idea of this application is to make people turn more towards nature. By giving nature lovers different facts about certain plants they will be taunted to walk around trails and paths and be more curious to find out what’s around them.

This application can be used by scientists, botanists, farmers, foresters and researchers in order to share knowledge and contribute in developing the science further. But this application can be interesting to the general public as well and everyone will be proud to be a part of it and contribute to such a new collective knowledge. So get the application on your mobile and join today. You can download the application here.

If you like this idea, be sure to share it with your friends and inspire someone you know. Anything becomes possible with just a little inspiration…