This Guy Makes $5.6K A Month Gardening In Other People’s Yards… – Eco Snippets

This Guy Makes $5.6K A Month Gardening In Other People’s Yards…

This Guy Makes $5.6K A Month Gardening In Other People's Yards...

In this video Justin Rhodes profiles an urban market gardener who leases other people’s residential yards for planting produce, which he harvests and sells up and down the east coast of the United States. He makes over $5,000 a month.

Rhodes writes of Jim Kovaleski, “This nomadic gardener travels between Maine to Florida gardening leased front yards. With a frugal lifestyle and revenues as high as $1.5K a week, he’s living the dream.”

It’s so inspiring to see someone make a good living by just working hard doing something he loves. Passion is an awesome thing. Check it out below…

And here’s another short interview with Jim Kovaleski too…

If you like this idea, be sure to share it with your friends and inspire someone you know. Anything becomes possible with just a little inspiration…

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Shows how many people do not like to sweat.


    shows there are no more farmers


Don’t tell too many people you can make a living this way. Shshshshsh


Joshua Kidney, look here!
Rob Storms, may need to take over your yards!


I could so do this.


Interesting, Thomas Fogt

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