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Growing Up To 72 Plants In A 55 Gallon Drum

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Gardening space at a premium?

Well here’s an interesting idea.

Go poke a bunch of holes in a 55 Gallon drum and you’ve just gone and got your own vertical garden that can grow up to 72 individual plants! A great and cheap solution to really increase the growing capacity of your crops in limited space areas like patios, apartments, decks and small backyards.

If you like lettuce, and like lettuce a lot, well that’s a lot of lettuce!

We like it.

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My neighbors might have a problem with this. Might have to paint the drums a less obvious color. LOL.


It is like reading a book from the 17th century ! What the heck is a 55 galleon drum, some sort of sailing ships musical war call ? How many litres in a galleon ? How many feets ? How many American people still adhere to this ancient way of measuring stuff ? an inch equals a feet, 3 feets equals a yardy, 17 yardies equal a quid, 22 quids equal a furrylong, 3.6 furrylongs equal a chains, 45 chains’ equal a mile. Add it all up and you see how far the USA is behind the rest of the world. The space station ffs, everything is in metric (a measuring system based on TEN just like the dollar) EXCEPT bits from the USA. Can 275 million people be wrong ? YES, they vited for Bush years ago, twice ! 275,000,000 people. The remaining 6,554, 375,763 people use a modern and common sense measuring system.

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