How To Build A Keyhole Garden / Raised Bed Vegetable Patch… – Eco Snippets

How To Build A Keyhole Garden / Raised Bed Vegetable Patch…

How To Build A Keyhole Garden / Raised Bed Vegetable Patch...

The idea of a keyhole garden is that you feed kitchen and garden waste into the central area, this turns to compost. During decomposition it gets warm, which can help keep your crops warmer during cold days and nights. When you water the compost area, the minerals are dispersed into the surrounding soil which feeds your plants, In theory this increased your foods nutritional value and improves the taste.

Making your own compost can help reduce wastage and help save on landfill.

This Keyhole garden was very cheap to build. The bricks were salvaged free from a local rubbish dump that also handles rubble. Most of the compost the builder already had from his own own compost bins. The surrounding stones were also salvaged from the local tip. Check it out below…

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When the drought breaks you can make one out of bales of hay


Donna Pendergast


This is a great garden. I’m looking to do this at home in Kauriki. As an added feature I was taught by Sam Halberg to lay in rotten logs from the ngahere at the bottom to increase the nutrient density.


I must build one of these next summer!


That’s a good one. 🙂

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