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How To Build A Potato Tower

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Here’s the concept behind the potato tower…

You build a 2′ by 2′ box with these 33″ corner posts in each corner.

You place soil in the box and plant the seed potatoes in the soil.

Once the potato plants grow to about eight to twelve inches tall you will add another rows of boards all the way around the box, and fill it with soil.

Continue this as the plant grows until you reach the top of the box.

If at any point the potato plants start blooming (usually 40 – 70 days after planting depending on variety), you can harvest new potatoes. You simply take the bottom boards off and dig out the potatoes. Wait a few weeks and take off the second row of boards and dig out the potatoes.

You can continue this throughout the season…

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Old car tyres work even better! As the potatoes fill the first tyre, you pop another tyre on top, fill with soil, water and when the shoots start growing through the 2nd tyre, you add another one, fill with soil etc.


    sounds great thankyou x

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