How To Build A Tee-Pee Trellis

“The trellis I built three years ago is still standing today. The bamboo poles have shifted out of line a bit, they aren’t perfectly straight anymore and some of them have small splits or cracks at the bottom, but nothing that would cause me to want or need to replace them.

I did have to replace the cotton string that wove around it since the vines that have grown on the trellis have torn and stretched the original string, but that’s a small repair and other than that it’s holding up just fine.

The trellis has lasted through some very windy, wet weather so I think after this amount of time we can officially call this project a success!  In fact, I’m still as much in love with my trellis today as I was when it first went up. It gives the garden a lot of charm, especially on a snowy day…”

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