How To Prune Basil So It Grows Forever… – Eco Snippets

How To Prune Basil So It Grows Forever…

How To Prune Basil So It Grows Forever...

Pruning basil to promote growth is one of the easiest and best ways to have an unlimited supply of basil in your garden. Basil absolutely loves aggressive pruning, so with a few clever techniques it’s simple to create basil that is bushy, productive, and delicious.

In this video, you will learn where to prune your basil and why it works so well.

Also, not really mentioned in detail in the video, if you take the “main” growing stem, and then cut it off as is shown in the video, but instead of eating the cut off bit you suspend it is clear rainwater it will start to put out roots within a week and after about 3 weeks it will have all the long hairy roots you need to plant it in the garden. Check it out below…

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Winsie Kegley Becky Gentry Charloe Garcia Woodby


    Can’t wait to try this! Thank you so much!!!


    You are welcome, Charloe!


Chelle Kellar Tarver


Rhonda Dougherty


Wonderfully clear illustration and explanation.


Nikki Leigh Johnston


You must ask Basil’s wife! ?
(It’s a John Cleese thing.)

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