The First Ever Robot-Run Farm Will Harvest 30,000 Heads Of Lettuce Per Day…

The First Ever Robot-Run Farm Will Harvest 30,000 Heads Of Lettuce Per Day...

Farming has always been at the forefront of technological advances.  Now, the human element is being completely removed.

Japanese lettuce production company, Spread, has made the world’s very first farm that is entirely “manned” by robots.  What’s truly amazing is that these robots can harvest 30,000 heads of lettuce every day.

The machines at the Kyoto, Japan farm plant seeds, water plants, harvest the plants and even trim the heads of lettuce.

Futurism discovered, “Spread’s system also follows today’s growing agricultural trend of vertical farming where farmers can grow crops indoors on stacked racks, relying on LED light instead of natural sunlight. This helps increase the efficiency of the farming process, lowers waste production significantly, and eliminates runoff from pesticides and herbicides.”

In a world riddled with food crises, this sort of tech is sorely needed, and Spread CEO J.J. Price says  “Our mission is to help create a sustainable society where future generations will not have to worry about food security and food safety… This means that we will have to make it affordable for everyone and begin to grow staple crops and plant protein to make a real difference.”

Here’s a video with more about the farms (article via Minds):

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That’s mean more and more people will loose their jobs.


The decimation of the farming society, it will lead further to the haves and the have nots.


I prefer lettuce that actually have seen the sun – it tastes better


Is it organic?


Leo Baldwin. How long ’till Skynet becomes sentient? 🙂


All with the aim of eliminating the human race 🙁 NWO agenda..


Let me know when it’s 30,000 cannabis plants!!!

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