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How To Make Homemade Natural Neosporin

“All of us get ‘boo-boos’.  Right?

Some of us get them more often than others. {raises hand} I am so accident prone.

You know, I once broke my foot from stepping  off the last stair of my staircase? And my oldest daughter takes after me.  If she doesn’t fall once a day, we start to worry about her.

Having something at home at all times to take care of all the minor boo-boos (minor cuts, scrapes, & minor burns) can be a real life saver.

And, that’s where my homemade boo-boo salve comes in.  I positively adore this stuff.  It’s completely 100% natural, and it 100% works too!!

I use this for all the standard boo-boos – minor cuts, scrapes, minor burns.  It’s also fantastic on diaper rash & eczema!”…

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Amy Scott Lawton


Is neosporin not similar to bread mold or other antibiotics of similar source in the penicillin category of medications rather than these kinds of concoctions? Can any of you bacteriology students help us out here?l

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