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Make $60K-$100K A Year By Growing Worms In Your Basement…

Make $60K-$100K A Year By Growing Worms In Your Basement...

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In this video John from Growing Your Greens takes you to West Knight Worms in Moca, Puerto Rico to show you how you can grow worms in your basement and make $60,000 to $100,000 by selling worm juice.

In this episode, you will also learn how one man started a worm farm by building 20 worm bins in his mom’s basement and feeding the worms whole fruits and vegetables to create liquid worm juice that is sold for $50-$120 a pound.

You will discover the special worm bin that was designed to house worms and easily create the worm elixir by using rainwater. You will learn about many of the ingredients that are being fed to the worms to create certain nutrients in the worm elixir that is being created.

You will discover how worm elixir is created by leaching out the water from the worm castings. You will learn how the worm leachate is processed and bottled for sale. You will discover how worm juice can benefit the farmer with a testimonial from a farmer that uses the product.

Finally, John will interview the worm farmer so you can learn more about the process of making worm juice and the benefits it can have when used in your garden. Check it out below…

You can learn more about setting up a successful worm composting operation here.

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