The Chunnel – A Wire Mesh Chicken Tunnel

Come on little red! Come on!

If you’re keeping chickens in your backyard and would like to give them a little more space to run around (and can’t or just don’t want to give them free range every day, whatever the reason might be) then a “Chunnel” might be an interesting option.

This backyard chicken keeper has created a fully enclose wire mesh tunnel that runs around the boarder of her backyard. The chickens can now go from their chicken coop, and take a spin around the tunnel at their leisure. Not a bad idea at all.

In fact if you set this up, you wont even need to go down the race track anymore. Simply invite a few mates around, add in a loud speaker, grab a few cold beers, and place your bets – come on little red! Come on!

More Details Here

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LOVE my fat-bottom girls!! (rhode Island reds)


I like the idea, but it is still too small for them to really walk freely.


    You don’t have to keep them in their all the time either (it’s really just an extension of the chicken coop). Just to give them some more room to roam when you can’t actually let them out to roam for whatever reason. Better than just being cooped up in a coop when you can’t let them out ;-0


I love it at least they are save and benefit the open air

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