The Chunnel – A Wire Mesh Chicken Tunnel

Come on little red! Come on!

If you’re keeping chickens in your backyard and would like to give them a little more space to run around (and can’t or just don’t want to give them free range every day, whatever the reason might be) then a “Chunnel” might be an interesting option.

This backyard chicken keeper has created a fully enclose wire mesh tunnel that runs around the boarder of her backyard. The chickens can now go from their chicken coop, and take a spin around the tunnel at their leisure. Not a bad idea at all.

In fact if you set this up, you wont even need to go down the race track anymore. Simply invite a few mates around, add in a loud speaker, grab a few cold beers, and place your bets – come on little red! Come on!

More Details Here

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LOVE my fat-bottom girls!! (rhode Island reds)

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