What’s Wrong With Eggs? The Truth About The Egg Industry… – Eco Snippets

What’s Wrong With Eggs? The Truth About The Egg Industry…

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What's Wrong With Eggs? The Truth About The Egg Industry...

The egg industry has done an impeccable job keeping us in the dark. Most people have no idea what hens (and male chicks) go through for egg production today. So I have put together the most comprehensive video possible, exposing the truth about eggs and the egg industry.

This video will make you angry but you can fight back by sharing this page on social media to raise awareness and to always make sure you’re buying eggs from a free range farm. To brighten your day, check out the second video to see what a true free range chicken farm looks like…

Here is a break down of the video if you would like to jump to certain areas…

0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Genetic Manipulation For Rapid Egg Production
2:30 – Health Consequences Of Rapid Egg Production
4:37 – Intelligence Of Chickens, Their Social Nature
6:06 – Atrocious Standard Conditions On Egg Farms
7:17 – De-beaking And The Consequences
9:06 – Breeding, Male Chicks Killed: Ground Alive Or Tossed in Dumpsters
9:41 – Forced Molting: Starving Hens For Further Rapid Egg Production
11:26 – Natural Life-Span, Lives Cut Short, Brutal Killing And Disposal
12:47 – Grinding Up Hens And Turning Them Into Animal Feed
13:19 – Environmental Impact of Egg Farming, Pollution, Feces
14:22 – Are Eggs Even Healthy? The USDA Doesn’t Think So
14:59 – Hens Only Have One Hole: A ‘Cloaca’
16:00 – The Egg Industry Is On Welfare, Egg Advertising Frenzy
17:06 – What About Free-Range Eggs? Deceptive Marketing
19:00 – They’re All Exploited And Killed In The End
20:08 – Egg Alternatives, Egg Replacers, Cruelty-Free Foods

Meanwhile, in New Zealand…

Let’s support kind farmers like these by buying free-range eggs whenever possible. The chickens will appreciate it, too! If you like this idea, be sure to share it with your friends and inspire someone you know. Anything becomes possible with just a little inspiration…

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the whole chicken and egg industry needs looking into, my husband did an audit for two weeks on an egg/chicken farm in Nova Scotia, unbelievably gross!!


I know because I live in Arkansas and my neighbors have proudly offered to show me their chicken houses. I’ve no idea what goes on in their minds that allows them to do this.


Which is why I choose local organic eggs. ?


Yes and no. My free range lay when the want sometimes frequent, sometimes they take a break. As for the chicken info “not previously known”, apparently she is unaware of the DVD, Food Inc.


Nothing, they’re delicious


OMG! THIS IS HORRIFIC! I knew t was bad but everything about this sorry saga of egg producing is barbaric, from de-beaking, disposal of male chickens to disposal of hens beyond their ‘use by’ date. Does it have to be so cruel??


This should be stopped ASAP. So wrong for chickens to be treated this way, no more eggs for me


I did not let my 18 hens and 3 roosters watch this video. They would have been so traumatized. They really think that warm milk and oatmeal is what all chickens eat on cold winter mornings. They get to roam free over the yard and gardens 3 hours every day in the winter and they get 3 meals, all organic food and then they are counted and safely tucked in at dark to their clean roosts in a predator proof hen house. Thank you for making this video. Every person who treats and living creature this way should be shot <3


This is animal abuse, all for the greedy. No wonder so many people are going vegan.


Glad I raise my own


Never want to eat egg or chicken again, this is gross?

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