Why Organic, Sustainable Farming Matters – Portrait Of A Farmer… – Eco Snippets

Why Organic, Sustainable Farming Matters – Portrait Of A Farmer…

Why Organic, Sustainable Farming Matters – Portrait Of A Farmer...

When it comes to your food, nature always has the last word. Most pro-organic documentaries make their point by taking stabs at the cruelty and other evils involved in the world of industrialized farming.

In this short documentary portrait, Jesse Straight, owner of Whiffletree Farm, shows us a different approach. As he gestures to the beautiful landscapes that surround us he explains, “being a farmer is special because this is my office. You spend your day making animals happy… you get to do things that help the things around you thrive”.

The passion that Jesse exudes in this film will make you question every fast-food burger you’ve ever eaten, but for all the right reasons. Check it out below…

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Organic, sustainable farming is the only option for the survival of the planet and the species.


    No it’s not . You couldn’t feed the l
    Population today with organics simply It enough land


    I believe the homesteading movement in the states is very promising.


5 years in organic and you know you are doing right when the hedgehogs arrive 🙂 Yeh!


There is no organic sustainable farming …It’s still, inslavement , torture and murder…You think the beings matter when you cut there throats that your organic? WTF… wake up….

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