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Buying Adult Chickens At Auction Or Market

“There is something to be said for buying a chicken, bringing it home, and having her lay an egg that first day. After all, a baby chick can take anywhere from 14-24 weeks before they begin laying eggs, and if you buy straight-run chicks you could end up with more roosters than you anticipated. But […]


Raising Chickens From Eggs – Tips & Tricks

“I love raising chickens and especially when I get to see them hatch right in front of me. There’s nothing like going out and gathering eggs from the hen house and knowing they didn’t come from chickens living in tiny little cages and pumped full of chemicals. They also make great garbage disposals when it […]


An Introduction To Raising Turkeys On The Homestead

“We love turkey.  For sausage, for burger, for the drumsticks, at Thanksgiving.  And, if you have chickens already, adding in a turkey or two on the backyard homestead really isn’t that difficult. Breeds of turkeys include: Broad Breasted (in white and bronze), Beltsville, Black, Bourbon Red, Bronze, Narragansett, Royal Palm, Slate, and White Holland.  They […]


Black Soldier Fly Composter / Automatic Chicken Feeder

“We have had much success harvesting Black Soldier Fly Larvae to feed our chickens, but we needed a new design. After much thought, this is the design that we have come up with. We designed this unit with these things in mind: large for plenty of compost portable so we can move it auto-feeds our […]


Building A Treadle Chicken Feeder

“I like wild birds.  I used to feed them on purpose, but now that I have chickens the wild birds have become a cost and potential risk.  The wild birds were eating more of my chicken feed than were the chickens. I dealt with the doves with a shade cloth curtain over the chickens’ door […]


Do It Yourself Goat Feeder For Square Bales

“Are you still feeding your goats on the ground, letting them waste that valuable hay all the while ingesting whatever worm eggs, diseases and infections that may be present? Well here is a very good and inexpensive goat feeder that you can build in less than a day for under $25 in most circumstances! I […]


10 Things You Need To Know About Raising Urban Chickens

“I remember having chickens when I was younger. However, our barn wasn’t where our house was. It was several miles away. So, I was very removed from having to care for the chickens on a daily basis. My Dad took care of all of it. When my husband and I decided to get chickens, we […]


How To Extract Fresh Honey From Bee Hive Honey Frames

“Having bees has obvious rewards and some not so obvious. A clear golden jar of honey just waiting to be spread on some warm homemade bread is an obvious reward for sure. This is the main reason most people get started beekeeping, and makes it all worthwhile. But caring for a miraculously organized group of […]


5 Ways To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Chicken Coop

“As it gets closer to winter, field mice and rats will start looking for a nice, safe, warm place to bed down. What better spot than a cozy corner of your chicken coop? Nice clean bedding, safe at night from predators and also a ready food source, especially if you leave feed in the coop. […]


The Urban Beehive

“With the bee population dwindling around the globe, Auckland, New Zealand native Rowan Dunford, developed a product to bring beekeeping to urban environments. With bees being critical to the world’s food supply, creating products like the Urban Beehive could help stabilize the problem by easing the beekeeping process. Dunford wanted to eliminate any fears that […]

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