A Complete Guide To Soil Microbiology – Improving Your Soil Microbiome…

A Complete Guide To Soil Microbiology – Improving Your Soil Microbiome...

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The single most impactful thing a gardener can do is learn about how plants work. To do that, you must learn about the soil food web of life. In this video Keith from Canadian Permaculture Legacy, attempts to cover this topic in detail, but also to keep you awake and entertained while doing so. This is just really important information to put into your gardening tool kit, because it will save you from making many mistakes – some of which can cost you decades.

This video represents years (literally) of Keith reading books (including university textbooks), podcasts, research papers and digging that he’s. This isn’t me talking him guessing, just simply relaying the information he’s learned in his own journey.

So much of this information seems like it’s “book info” and not useful in the garden, but it’s simply not true. If a soil test came back high in nitrates but low in ammonium, what FUNDAMENTAL THINGS would that tell you about your soil?

After watching this video you will be able to answer that question with ease, and then take specific action to move the system and soil to where it needs to be.

Once you’re done, be sure learn how worm composting can directly increase the beneficial microbiome (and reduce the bad) in your garden soil here.

There’s no easier, more immediate technique you can use that will have the biggest impact in a faster amount of time, to improve your garden soil. Especially as a home gardener.

Check it out below…

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