Is Market Gardening Profitable? Making A Living On A Small Farm…

Is Market Gardening Profitable? Making A Living On A Small Farm…

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Is market gardening profitable? How much money does it take to start a farm? How can you be sure you can provide a constant income for your family? How much land is required to start a farm and make a living from it?

I’ve been getting these questions and variations of it from you guys on a consistent basis. In this video I’m going to open up the curtain, take you ‘behind the scenes’, and let you in on our numbers, the revenue, the profit, the start up costs and more.

In fact, I’ve combined all the questions I’ve been getting from you guys on a daily basis regarding finance, categorized them, and will answer each and every single one of them in this video.

In the first part of this video I share some of my thought process of making a living on a small farm and what it actually takes.

From there we head straight into the revenue numbers we make on the farm, the running costs we have, and the actual profits we make with the market garden. After covering that we head into the ‘Q&A’ part of the video.

Directly in the first question I show you the exact initial investments we’ve made to start our market garden and get it up and running. I’ll break it down into the actual market garden tools, equipment and infrastructure we got along with the prices we paid.

After that I’ll also show you what I think you could start without when you start a farm on a budget. In total I’ll be answering 23 of the most commonly asked questions I get regarding the finance of starting and running a small farm. Check it out below…

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Self Sufficient Backyard

In all that time an electric wire has never been connected to our house. We haven’t gotten or paid an electricity bill in over 40 years, but we have all the electricity we want. We grow everything we need, here, in our small backyard. We also have a small medicinal garden for tough times. Read More Here...

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