These Are The Medicines Your Grandmother Used To Use…

These Are The Medicines Your Grandmother Used To Use...

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Did you know that there was no NyQuil in the US until 1966? That’s right. Did you know that Tylenol wasn’t introduced until 1955? That’s also true. And there was no Benadryl before 1946. So, what did your grandmother do when her children got sick?

You don’t have to venture back very far in our history to find a time when there were no drugstores. Instead, mothers looked to their family gardens and nearby meadows to find specific plants that were known to possess the cures for common sicknesses. Proven remedies were passed from neighbor to neighbor, and from generation to generation.

One plant’s root could ease a stubborn cough. Another plant’s sap could soothe the pain of a recent burn. Unfortunately, this knowledge has been largely forgotten over only a few generations. Thousands of years worth of wisdom, gone, over roughly the last 100 years. We can reverse this change.

The good news is that these traditional remedies used by our grandmothers are still just as effective as they have ever been. Many of them are as effective as the bottles of pills we buy from modern store shelves. And frequently, the side effects and risks of the traditional remedies are much less problematic than those of the modern chemical cures.

The plants are still here. Many of them are regarded as “weeds.” We pick them from our lawns and spray them with weed killer, but they still hold the same medicinal qualities that they have had since ancient times. Your ancient ancestors used them. Your grandparents used them. And the only thing stopping you from using them is a lack of understanding. You only need to learn which plants hold the cures for common sicknesses, and how you can access those cures. Learn these simple facts and you can unlock a new door in your life.

If you’re interested, we have a great source of information for you.

Nicole Telkes is a gifted educator. She is the Director of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine. Nicole was lucky to have a grandmother who introduced her to the art of herbal medicine as a child. Nicole went on to earn a BA in Environmental Resource Management with a minor in Botany. She has spent hundreds of hours sitting at the feet of herbalist masters like Margi Flint, Howie Brounstein, and the late Michael Moore. She has set up numerous emergency clinics – in Nicaragua, in Louisiana following hurricane Katrina, and at activist rallies where medical attention was needed. And she has helped countless individuals through her herbal practice and apothecary at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine.

Nicole envisions a world where there is an herbalist in every home, restoring this natural and sustainable approach to personal healthcare to communities around the globe. She has put together an eight week expedition called Home Medicine 101. This expedition was designed as an eight week program to allow you ample time to practice each skill as you learn it. But you can complete the expedition on your own schedule. Each week’s lesson and its related homework should only take about an hour of your time.

By the end of this 8 week class you’ll be able to treat the most common family ailments with simple medicines you can grow or easily find. This is the medicine your grandmother knew. Here is what you will learn:

– Heal burns, stings, and rashes

– Treat wounds and lacerations

– Relieve coughs and treat colds

– Manage fevers

– Manage pain from ear aches, head aches, and muscle aches

– Treat digestive problems like upset stomach and diarrhea

– Calm anxiety, insomnia, and stress

– Make medicine that is kid-friendly

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