Frugal Husbandry: Take Your Chicken Dollar Further

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“I have no idea what I’ve spent on my chickens at this point.

I am positive that it has been a losing venture, but I undertook chicken-tending as a hobby and not a business.  However, I am soon moving, and my chicken infrastructure will begin again from scratch.

It is an opportunity to rethink my approach to chicken husbandry and learn to spend my money only where it counts.

Here are some of the things I plan to do that you can try too…”

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Self Sufficient Backyard

In all that time an electric wire has never been connected to our house. We haven’t gotten or paid an electricity bill in over 40 years, but we have all the electricity we want. We grow everything we need, here, in our small backyard. We also have a small medicinal garden for tough times. Read More Here...

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