How to Keep All of Humanity’s Knowledge in Your Own Home

managing a powerful language model

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Have you ever imagined having the entire wealth of humanity’s knowledge at your fingertips, available offline, 24/7, right in the comfort of your own home?

It may seem like an impossible feat, but with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the availability of large language models (LLM), it is now within your reach.

In fact its so simple these days anyone can do it with a little know how.

So in this step by step guide we’re going to show you how you can run your own free personal AI assistant, offline and off-grid, from your own personal computer, in your own home.

Imagine the possibilities of having access to a vast repository of information, ready to assist you in any situation. So, if you’re ready to unlock the secrets of keeping a personal backup of all of humanity’s knowledge in your own home, then let’s dive in and discover the incredible possibilities that await you.

Your Own AI At Home…

  • Open source (free for all) Artificial Intelligence Large language models (LLM) provide access to the entirety of human knowledge and can be run on low-end computers by anyone.
  • Storing the large language model requires installing the model and software on your computer and considering external storage options for backup. This is easy if you can follow a few simple instructions.
  • Securing and running the large language model involves ensuring data security, implementing backup systems, and protecting against potential risks.
  • Protecting the disc drives from fire damage, signal interference, and moisture is essential for preserving the stored knowledge.

Importance of Large Language Models

significance of large language models

Large language models are invaluable resources that basically contain the entirety of human knowledge and can be run on low-end computers, providing access to information even during temporary internet outages. These models serve as a safeguard for knowledge in case of a permanent internet outage or restricted access to artificial intelligence.

To ensure the protection and proper functioning of these models, it’s crucial to consider various factors. One such factor is protecting the disc drives from potential damage. Utilizing a fireproof safe can safeguard the computer and disc drives from fire damage, while desiccant packets can be used to prevent moisture damage. Additionally, using Faraday bags can protect the computer and hard drive from interference caused by solar flares, hacking, and other signal interferences.

Scenarios for Preparing for the End of the World

preparing for global catastrophic events

To hypothetically prepare for a doomsday situation, consider various scenarios that may disrupt your access to information and artificial intelligence. There are many doomsday possibilities of course, but here are four key scenarios to consider & why its important to have a backup at home:

Temporary or permanent internet outage

Without access to the internet you would only have your own knowledge and experience, or that which you might be able to find in books (i.e. limited). Wouldn’t it be better to have a personal assistant at home, where you can ask it anything, anytime, and get a near instant answer?

Backup systems for data security, redundancy, and protection against power outages and computer interference are essential in these situations. They ensure that you can still access the stored knowledge anytime you like, even without internet connectivity.

Loss of access to artificial intelligence

Who knows what the future might bring with potential Government regulation limiting the publics access to Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models. Well, you wont have to worry as you’ll have your own personal LLM running offline, at home, to use whenever you like.

Large language model tools like LM Studio, Ollama, or Text gen web UI can be incredibly useful in such scenarios. They allow you to continue running these models on low-end computers, providing access to information even when access to artificial intelligence is restricted. LM Studio is recommended for beginners as its interface is very user friendly.

Grid Down – No power supply

We’re dealing with electronics that require power here, and there are any number of major disasters that could knock out the grid, for any length of time. As a result it’s crucial to have backup power sources such as battery backups, solar panels, or generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply for running the computer and inference.

Interference from solar flares or other factors

Again we’re dealing with electronics here so protecting against interference is important. It will ensure the integrity of your stored data so it can’t be corrupted from any external forces, and the electrical components aren’t damaged.

Using something like a Faraday bag to store your equipment in, will shield your computer and hard drive from signal interference, ensuring the safety of stored knowledge.

Considering these scenarios and implementing appropriate measures will help safeguard your copy of humanity’s knowledge in the face of potential world-ending events.

Choosing the Right Large Language Model

navigating large language models

It’s essential to make the right decision when choosing the appropriate large language model that you’ll want to use.

To ensure power and efficiency, opt for the latest and greatest models that can run on your computer. Consider selecting quantized models, which offer reduced size and increased performance. These models are ideal for long-term storage options.

Additionally, prioritize uncensored models for emergency situations, as they provide unrestricted access to knowledge.

When running the model, you can choose to use LM Studio, Ollama, or Text gen web UI, depending on your preferences, computer power limitations and requirements. These tools allow you to run any open source large language model you want locally. LM Studio is recommended for beginners.

Storing the Large Language Model

preserving ai s vast knowledge

For optimal storage of the large language model, consider installing the model and accompanying software on your computer. However, for added security you should also explore the benefits of using external storage options for your large language model.

Here is a comparison of different storage options:

  1. SSD (Solid-State Drive): Provides fast access to data and is a popular choice for storing large language models. However, it may need to be replaced every few years for long-term storage.
  2. Tape Storage: Offers high capacity and is suitable for long-term archiving. It’s a cost-effective option but has slower access speeds.
  3. Blu-ray Discs: Can store a significant amount of information and have a longer lifespan compared to SSDs. Although they offer slower speeds, they can be a reliable option for storing large language models.
  4. External Drives: Using an external drive can provide additional storage space and flexibility. It allows you to easily transfer the model between different devices or locations.

Consider your specific needs and requirements when deciding on the storage option for your large language model. You might like to use several for redundancy.

Protecting the Disc Drives

safeguarding data storage systems

To protect the disc drives and ensure the safety of your stored data, consider using a fireproof safe. This will provide a secure and reliable storage solution for your valuable information.

However, if a fireproof safe isn’t suitable for your needs, there are alternative options available. Some fireproof safe alternatives include:

  1. Fireproof storage cabinets: These cabinets offer similar fire protection as safes but with the added benefit of easier access to the disc drives.
  2. Fireproof data safes: Specifically designed for protecting data storage devices, these safes provide enhanced fire resistance for your disc drives.
  3. Off-site storage: If you want to ensure maximum protection for your data, you can consider storing copies of your disc drives in multiple secure off-site locations.

Protecting From Interference

shielding against external disturbance

To safeguard your computer and hard drive from signal interference, consider using a Faraday bag.

Faraday bags provide a simple and effective solution to protect against interference caused by solar flares, hacking, and other signal disruptions. These bags are inexpensive and can be easily purchased from retailers like Amazon.

By placing your laptop and hard drive inside the Faraday bag and closing it, you can shield them from all signals.

While Faraday bags are highly recommended, I mean they are simple and cheap, you can also explore other alternatives such as using shielded enclosures or electromagnetic shielding materials.

Of course, that might be getting a bit carried away, unless you already have a proper doomsday bunker setup, of course, and if so, then why not go for broke ;-0

Protecting From Moisture

storing humanity s knowledge at home

To continue protecting your computer and hard drive, it’s important to address another potential threat: moisture. Moisture can cause damage to your equipment and compromise the stored knowledge. Here’s how you can protect your setup:

  1. Desiccant Packets: Place desiccant packets in the safe to keep it dry and prevent moisture damage. Desiccant absorbs moisture and maintains a low humidity environment. You can easily purchase desiccant packets online or in stores.
  2. Faraday Bags: Use Faraday bags to shield your computer and hard drive from moisture and other signal interference. These inexpensive bags can be purchased from Amazon or other retailers. Simply place your laptop and hard drive inside the Faraday bag and close it to protect them from all signals.
  3. Dry Environment: Ensure that the storage area is dry and free from any potential water sources. Avoid storing your equipment in basements or areas prone to leaks.
  4. Regular Checks: Regularly inspect your storage area for any signs of moisture or water damage. If you notice any issues, take immediate action to resolve them and ensure the safety of your equipment.

Step By Step Tutorial

Here’s a step by step tutorial to get you setup in the easiest way possible.

In the video Matthew Berman will show you exactly how to setup and securely store a large language model locally, so you have all human knowledge at your fingertips. Its easier than you might think.

Having the ability to store and access large language models in your home can be a valuable asset in times of crisis.

Did you know that currently, the largest language model contains over 175 billion parameters? This impressive statistic highlights the vast amount of knowledge that can be stored and accessed offline.

Following the steps in this tutorial, you can ensure that you have access to humanity’s knowledge, no matter what challenges may arise.

Stay prepared and stay informed!


Along with your own in home personal AI assistant you might also want to consider downloading Wikipedia to your external hard drive as well. It’s only about 22 gigabytes compressed, and less than 100 gigabytes when uncompressed. Having an actual encyclopedia along with a personal AI could come in very handy.

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