Reviews Of The Best Selling Cockroach Bait & Traps For Killing Roaches…

Reviews Of The Best Cockroach Bait & Traps For Killing Roachs...

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Reviews Of The Best Cockroach Bait & Traps For Killing Roaches…

Cockroaches are initially attracted to your home in search of food and can survive for as long as 3 months without eating. They are also attracted to dark, damp, warm places in which to hide & nest. They can become a real problem if left unchecked.

They are extremely resilient insects and once they’ve setup shop in your home or rental property and have started to breed, it can be extremely hard to get rid of them without an effective commercial bait or trap (see below).

There are a few things you can do to help prevent cockroaches from entering your house, and to help get rid of them if they’ve already invaded. First thoroughly clean all of your food storage, preparation and eating areas, removing any source of potential food for them inside your home. Be sure to check underneath kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

Also be sure to seal up any cracks or holes in your building with proper building sealer, including in your walls, floor boards, skirting boards, anywhere a cockroach might be able to enter your home from the outside and/or use as a nest once inside. Also be sure to check around your plumbing.

In order to effectively remove them the most effective solution is to purchase a commercial bait or trap system. Listed below are some of the best selling and most effective baits and traps for killing cockroaches (based on real world customer experience).

Keep in mind that to get rid of cockroaches permanently you’ll need to ensure you disrupt their life cycle. This usually means it will take several days for the baits to take effect, and multiple applications (and using several different products / traps) might be required, depending on the level of infestation…

#1 [amazon link=”B002Y2GNVM” /]

[amazon box=”B002Y2GNVM”]

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait is hands down the best selling cockroach bait online with more than 13,000 reviews and 80% of those rating it a 5 out of 5 star product. This is a gel bait that comes in 4 separate syringes each containing 1.06 oz of cockroach bait. The active ingredient is Indoxacarb (0.6%).

The gel can be used indoors and outdoors, and is designed to be injected into cracks and crevices (places cockroaches might live or hide). It can also be placed on tape, paper or cardboard and be placed in other hard to reach areas (underneath a fridge or other appliances, kitchen cabinets and so on). This bait should be kept away from areas that are easily accessible to pets and children.

It might take a couple of applications to have the desired effect, depending on your level of infestation. Keep in mind this won’t kill cockroaches instantly, once ingested it can take up to 5 hours to kill the roach. As previous customers have said…

“Excellent product for a heavy infestation. Safe around kids IMO because you put a small pea size amount in the cracks and crevices of cabinets and door frames (and any other dark places bugs like to hide) so my daughter cant even reach it…”

“Injected this into commercial cockroach baits and scattered them around the house about 5 months ago and haven’t seen a single roach since…

More Details Here >

[amazon link=”B002Y2GNVM” /]

#2 [amazon link=”B002Y6JHES” /]

[amazon box=”B002Y6JHES”]

The Trapper Insect Trap is a non-poisonous glue trap that captures cockroaches (and other insects including bed bugs and spiders) whereby the insects are attracted to the trap with bait and get stuck to it when walking over it. The cardboard traps come with an adhesive backing that can be stuck to nearly any surface.

Although these might not be as effective as gel baits in terms of getting an infestation totally under control, they might be a useful consideration as a non poisonous solution (and helping to control other insects and bug as well). Each of the 30 triangular shaped traps can be divided into 3 smaller traps, giving 90 individual traps in total. As previous customers have said…

We’ve been using these for a couple of years, they work really well, catching everything that steps inside…”

All the bug spray in the world can not catch and kill the ridiculous amount of pests these glue traps can catch. I have caught lizards in these traps. They are pretty effective…”

More Details Here >

[amazon link=”B002Y6JHES” /]

#3 [amazon link=”B001ACMBJK” /]

[amazon box=”B001ACMBJK”]

The Combat Source Kill Max is a large cockroach bait station kit that comes with 8 individual child proof bait stations. That bait stations can be placed under appliances, under sinks, behind toilets, and other areas where roaches appear.

The bait station works by filling them with the accompanying gel bait. The cockroaches enter the stations in order to eat the bait which contains an active ingredient (Fipronil) that kills the roaches either by touch or ingestion. The roaches then return to their nests before the poison takes effect, in turn killing other roaches and effectively destroying the nests. As previous customers have said…

These are actually working really well. We went out of town for 3 days and when we came back there was already quite a few dead roaches scattered around, big ones and small ones…”

” live in the South, where cockroaches are running for political office. They are driving pickup trucks and working the farms. They are everywhere, and very busy. I will tell you where they aren’t though. My house. At least not alive anyway. These work!”

More Details Here >

[amazon link=”B001ACMBJK” /]

#4 [amazon link=”B00EORPAS2″ /]

[amazon box=”B00EORPAS2″]

Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait can be used to kill both cockroaches and ants. The kit comes with 6 different bait stations that can be placed in different locations around the home (and they can be used outdoors as well).

Simply fill the accompanying bait stations with the liquid bait and place the stations near walls in cabinets, under sinks and refrigerators and in closets. They should start to take effect within 24 hours. Check the stations once per month, and if empty refill to ensure continued protection. As previous customers have said…

“The best thing I’ve ever tried, I had an infestation through the house, and not because of lack of cleaning, we have a big backyard and they will come in during the night, and give us the creeps, after the first night we noticed a change, and after a week there were no cockroaches to be seen, I just bought a second batch, it really lasts for a while, totally recommend it and will keep in using it, very clean and comfortable as efficient…”

More Details Here >

[amazon link=”B00EORPAS2″ /]

#5 [amazon link=”B079J32ZRH” /]

[amazon box=”B079J32ZRH”]

The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is a totally different insect control solution. Rather than using baits of gels to kill insects, it uses an Ultrasonic frequency to deter insects and other pests (like mouse and rats) from entering the house in the first place. The sound is inaudible to humans and pets, and works to disorient and annoy pests so they can’t feed or nest in the vicinity, driving them from your home.

Simply plug the pest repeller into any electric wall socket and turn on. It costs less than $10 per year to run, although multiple units may be required for bigger houses. However it is a more environmentally friendly option rather than using poisons or chemicals if that concerns you. As previous customers have said…

“I live in an apartment and I’ve notice roaches starting to come in my unit from the other apartments and I sprayed but that didn’t work until I saw this product and I took a chance on it and all I can say its been close to two weeks sense i had this product and not one roach has been in my apartment this really works people I recommend this…”

This unit made the mice come out during daylight. I then used the glue traps to catch them. Would absolutely buy this again…”

More Details Here >

[amazon link=”B079J32ZRH” /]


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