Best Garden Twine & Twist Tie Solutions…

Best Garden Twine & Twist Tie Solutions...

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Best Garden Twine & Twist Tie Solutions…

Whether you need to stake up your tomato plants or prop up your peppers, garden twine or twist ties are the prefect solution for supporting your plants and a must have tool for the home gardener. Quality twist ties or twine should be durable, waterproof, UV resistant and be gentle enough not to damage the plants you’re looking to support as they grow bigger (or move in the elements).

Garden twine and twist ties are also very handy to keep around the home in general. They can also be used for other practical applications such as tidying up unsightly computer cables, using them in the kitchen and countless other scenarios, so they’re not just a valuable little tool for the garden. Here are some of the best garden twine & twist tie options you might like to consider, based on customer reviews from people actually using the products…

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These extremely sturdy long life garden twine clips are used to tie your plants to stakes or other support structures and are commonly used to help support taller growing plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and of course any other plant that might require it. They can also be used to help train vines to grow in a certain direction. They’re excellent to support your plants right throughout their different growth phases and are delicate enough on younger plants so they won’t create abrasions like twist ties or other standard twine products can often do if tied too tightly.

You can use these to tie your plants to stakes, trellis or support wire, and with 100 individual clips per pack you’ll have more the enough for an average sized garden. They’re also completely reusable, and simply clip together, meaning you don’t need to muck about cutting them with scissors. When you want to reuse them, simply unclip them, and use them on a different plant. As previous customers have said…

“Excellent product. Snaps in place securely but also unsnap just as easy. Supports plants gently without creating abrasions like cordage/twine.”

“Better than twine because you don’t need scissors, and you don’t have to cut or untie them to reposition. Better than soft ties, which are great for larger plants but can be heavy & weigh down delicate, young plants. Better than Velcro because, again, no scissors & they are reusable.”

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#2 [amazon link=”B00PVI5DAS” /]

[amazon box=”B00PVI5DAS”]

These are your stock standard plastic twist ties (reusable). If you’re not interested in using plastic ties in the garden, then you might like to consider an alternative option listed here, but these will certainly do the job & have excellent customer feedback. They can not only be used in the garden for tying up plants, but also in the kitchen to reseal food bags, tiding up computer cables, you name it, anything you want to temporarily secure. With 500 individual 5″ twist ties, there’s more than enough for every job around the garden or house. As previous customers have said…

“Endlessly Useful for All Types of Things, Including Smaller Cables and Technology Items”

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[amazon link=”B00PVI5DAS” /]

#3 [amazon link=”B00KA7JAIQ” /]

[amazon box=”B00KA7JAIQ”]

Unlike plastic twist ties, these long life Soft Wire Ties are more environmentally friendly. They still contain a strong wire inner to hold the twist ties in place, but unlike plastic ties, they’re coated in a high quality rubber. These rubber ties are very pliable, allowing for softness on the outside for the protection of your plants, whilst still providing excellent overall strength. The soft wire ties are also available in various lengths and colors so you can select a color to blend in with the environment you’re working  in, and order as much as you need for the garden. As previous customers have said…

“I’m still using the same wire for 4 summers for my cucumber plants. The wires are still usable, they did not rust, they are still pliable and work very well holding up my cucumber vine on the trellis. They are gentle on vines but hold them securely in place.”

“Wonderful helpful product for gardeners. Great for holding flowers on vines also my grapes.”

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[amazon link=”B00KA7JAIQ” /]

#4 [amazon link=”B00TIK5YVS” /]

[amazon box=”B00TIK5YVS”]

These ties are slightly different than standard twist ties in that they are clipped together (and unclipped so they are reusable) with a basic locking mechanism. Simply cut to length with scissors, wrap them around the plant or tree you want to secure and insert the end into the hole in the middle then turn to secure. These ties are durable and ideal for securing your saplings or tree branches, and although made from plastic, they’re made from recycled materials. They also come in various lengths to suit your needs. As previous customers have said…

“I used this to help support Arborvitae branches. Works great, way better than string. Because it is wider, the bark doesn’t get as much abrasion as string or rope.”

“Outstanding product. Easy to use, flexible, doesn’t harm trees/plants whether it be arborvitae, tomato plants, etc. Ties can be removed, adjusted, reused. The one inch width is great for shoring up arborvitae, especially the lower half of the arborvitae, where the branches are strongest and need strong support.”

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[amazon link=”B00TIK5YVS” /]

#5 [amazon link=”B0000CF5CO” /]

[amazon box=”B0000CF5CO”]

This is your stock standard butchers twine made from 100% cotton so it is fully biodegradable and compostable. If you don’t mind the old fashioned method of cutting it to length and tying it up in a knot to secure your plants, then this is a quality solution. The fact that it’s 100% biodegradable is a bonus as you’re able to safely dispose of it in your compost bin. As a bonus, it can also be used in cooking. It has had excellent feedback from not only home gardeners, but also kitchen cooks using it to tie up roasts amongst other things. As previous customers have said…

“Great all-purpose general type string. Soft, strong, and biodegradable – win!”

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[amazon link=”B0000CF5CO” /]


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