Best Selling Garden Hose Splitters…

Most Popular Garden Hose Splitters...

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Best Selling Garden Hose Splitters…

If you need to connect multiple hoses to a single water faucet, to split the water into different directions, then what you need is a good quality garden hose splitter.

These units are very simply designed. They will send the water from your faucet into two or more different valves, each of which you can connect a different hose attachment too. These values have their own independent on/off switches allowing you to control each one individually.

Hose splitters are usually either made from plastic, steel, a combination of the two, or brass. If you’re looking for a hose splitter that will last, it’s recommended that you opt for a steel or brass splitter as those made from plastic will tend to have a shorter lifespan. The difference between price is also negligible, given the increased lifespan of splitters made from more robust metal or brass.

Hose splitters will either come with 2 way, or 4 way options – allowing you to attach 2 or 4 individual hoses depending on your needs. Do keep in mind that the more you split the water, the less water pressure you will have in each individual hose when all are operating at the same time. Here are some of the best selling and most popular garden hose splittlers on the market…

#1 [amazon link=”B019MS0HK8″ /]

[amazon box=”B019MS0HK8″]

The 2wayz All Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter is one of the most popular two way hose splitters on the market with more than 4,000 customer reviews and over 70% of those rating it 5 /5 stars.

This two way hose splitter (last re-engineered for further improvements in 2017) is made from an all metal body constructed from zinc and stainless steel making it extremely robust and helping to ensure that it wont rust or corrode or degrade in the sun. Both hose faucets on the splitter have independent valves, allowing you to turn each one on and off independently of the other, or of course you can have them both set to on at the same time. The valve levers are coated in rubber to ensure comfortable operation.

The splitter itself is able to rotate 360 degrees giving you flexibility to move your hose in all directions as it will swivel to meet you where you’re using the hose, reducing any strain on the connection. All connections have well machined long steel threads to attach your hose connections to, and include rubber gaskets to ensure there will be a tight seal with no leaks. The hose splitter also comes with 10 additional replacement rubber gaskets as well. Given the price, this is a top quality hose splitter. As previous customers have said…

“Looks almost indestructible. Easily the best I’ve ever owned…”

“This is a great hose splitter. Good quality and design. Large levers make it easy to operate. I’m happy to toss our old junky, leaky splitters…”

“Was surprised by the weight of this splitter. Booked it up and no leaks. Nice, long threaded area, so there’s plenty of room for large hose connectors. So far, I’m impressed…”

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[amazon link=”B019MS0HK8″ /]

#2 [amazon link=”B06X91YR6L” /]

[amazon box=”B06X91YR6L”]

The Kasian House Brass Y Valve Hose Splitter is a very simply designed solid brass two way hose splitter for durable heavy use. Each valve opens and closes independently from the other allowing you to open or close one, both, or neither.

The valve switches are made from solid plastic for easier gripping. These are the kind of hose splitters our grandparents used. They aren’t over engineered to do a simple job, just made well from good materials to ensure they do the job they were designed to do and last. Two individual splitters at this price is also hard to beat. As previous customers have said…

“Brass is best. Works great after 2 years now. I use one side for automatic drip hose and other side for regular hose. No leaks!…”

Works well, levers rotate smoothly. Levers are plastic so hopefully they will give years of trouble-free service. Good price for a two-pack…”

Works well but would be better if the on/off tabs were a little bigger. That being said, it is well made and does not leak at the connectors…”

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[amazon link=”B06X91YR6L” /]

#3 [amazon link=”B00UNCB4GY” /]

[amazon box=”B00UNCB4GY”]

The 2wayz 4 Way Heavy Duty Hose Splitter is essentially the same as the 2 way splitter except that it includes 4 individual splitter valves in case you want to split your water more ways. This is also an extremely popular splitter with more than 70% of customers rating their satisfaction 5/5 stars. As previous customers have said…

“This is the second one of these that I have purchased. I LOVE that the levers are longer and easier to turn than the standard tiny knobs. The plastic also has a rubbery texture to it that makes it easier to grasp…”

Four way hose splitter, works, doesn’t leak, easy turn on/off valves. Mine came with half dozen extra hose washers…”

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[amazon link=”B00UNCB4GY” /]

#4 [amazon link=”B01F71TPRA” /]

[amazon box=”B01F71TPRA”]

The Glorden Heavy Duty Brass 4 Way Hose Splitter is made from solid brass for longer life, and has four individually controlled independent water values with robust plastic on/off levers. A simple design and extremely well made. If you’re looking for a decent brass 4 way hose splitter, you can’t go wrong here. As previous customers have said…

” I have been using this item for about 3 years now with no problems…It works exactly as it’s supposed to work…very few moving parts and everything seems to be of very good quality…”

“Best 4-Way hose splitter, ever! Tried other brass ones, and the fancy looking sleek new ones; all junk. This one one not leak a drop, super easy glide on/off levers! Good, solid, made-to-last construction like something you’d see made 40 years ago. This is the one you want…”

“This is the perfect hose splitter. We bought the IR operated sprinklers for chasing away pests, mostly deer, who were devastating our yard plants. They have worked wonderfully, but we had to split the faucet to connect multiple hoses. We tried the plastic splitters and they worked fine for a while, but within a few weeks the plastic gave way and broke. Since we bought this unit that problem has been solved and this deliver reliable water supply, solidly, to multiple hoses. It has been virtually indestructible and the individual shutoff levers work easily and perfectly…”

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[amazon link=”B01F71TPRA” /]

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