DIY Homemade Solar Powered Air Cooler For $15…

DIY Homemade Solar Powered Air Cooler For $15...

Using solar energy to generate heat is something that’s common and widespread among those who live an off-the-grid lifestyle. But what about using solar power to cool your room? Is that even possible? It actually is and it costs less than you can imagine, as you can make a solar air cooler form only $15.

Once your cooler is ready, you can use it as an alternative to the air conditioner and it will be a much more budget friendly “appliance”. The materials you are going to need for your solar air cooler are: a foam ice chest, PVC pipe, a fan and a block of ice.

This Air Cooling unit produces very cold air – 40F air (in an 84F room). There are 3 ways to power it: a solar panel, a battery or an automobile (using 12v socket “cig. plug”). It’s great for space cooling (in vehicle or small room). The cost is just $15.00 – $2 for the ice chest, $2 for the PVC pipe & $11 for a 12VDC Fan (10w 0.8A). For more details about how to assemble your solar air cooler and how it works, check out the video below….

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we used to be embarrased when we were kids and any of our friends came in & saw stuff like this…. he’d make stuff like this for her to put on the counter & blow over the table when hulling peas, stemming strawberries or greenbeans & especially for canning tomatoes back in the 60’s


Also a HUMIDIFIER, fyi

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