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How To Make A “Water Ram” Off-Grid Water Pump That Requires No Electricity…

How To Make A

A hydraulic ram pump is a pressure pump primarily used to pump water in remote areas where a power source such as electricity or fuel is limited or unavailable. A ram pump operates solely on the flow and weight of water, in other words it’s a water powered water pump.

When set up ram pumps are very reliable and run for many years with little to no maintenance required due to only having two moving parts. Hydraulic ram pumps are an ideal solution for off grid water location permitting. You could also combine a pump with a storage tank and a micro-turbine and you can store energy, for free, 24/7.

The video below shows how to build a water ram water pump from easy to find parts at any local hardware store. The Water Ram can pump water uphill hundreds of feet higher then the source delivering the water to the pump. Check it out below…

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They are VERY noisy. Perfect way to spoil the idyll of your rural setting. They sound like someone continually hitting a steel pipe with a hammer.


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    I’m more gathering info to flick elec provider. We only have 1!

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