25 Alternative Uses For Olive Oil Around The House

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“The word for “oil” in many languages stems from the root word for olive.

The tree itself is an evergreen shrub, very short and broad, and often has a gnarled trunk. I sort of imagine Old Man Willow when I think of olive trees. Olives are harvested when they turn green or purple.

One thing I didn’t know was that black olives become black using artificial means, namely ferrous sulfate (an edible form of iron.)

There are all sorts of olive oils out there, and I’m going to recommend that for the purposes listed in this article, don’t buy the expensive stuff!

There’s cheaper olive oil out there, and that’s probably what you should use here. It’s pricey stuff when you get into the specialty types, but in a bind, a little dab of even the good stuff will get your makeup off…”

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